Draining Repair & Correction


Property draining is something that virtually no one thinks about.  Unless you are an architect, construction worker, plumber or in the foundation repair business, you have no reason to think much less know about property drainage.  Nonetheless, it is extremely important to the foundation of your home.  Not every home was constructed with adequate drainage in mind.  The real estate developer may have been on a tight budget, deadline or simply didn’t care.  Unfortunately, now you must deal with the fact that corners were cut and things aren’t quite what they seemed.  If you notice pooling around your home or in your yard, contact Irving Foundation Repair for proper draining.

What is Drainage Correction?

An accumulation of excess water near your foundation can cause it to slip and shift. This has a negative impact on the overall structure of your home. For most folks, home ownership is the larges investment they will ever make. Protect your investment and make sure that your property possesses proper drainage. If you suspect that your property has poor drainage, give us a call. A drainage expert will inspect your property. If the source of the problem is indeed drainage related, she will devise a viable plan to prevent excess water from permeating your foundation. Installing a system of pumps and drains will remedy the problem and keep you home in tact.

Benefits of Drainage Correction

We don’t know anyone who likes mosquitos. Not only are the annoying and painful, but they carry diseases like West Nile Virus. When water pools in your yard and around your home, it becomes stagnant. Mosquitos love stagnant water. Adequate drainage will prevent mosquito infestations. Improper drainage can lead to your flowerbeds brimming over with water. This is not good for the growth of your plants and trees. Too much water suffocates the roots and causes them to rot. Scan across your lawn and if you notice pools of water, contact us right away. Drainage correction will ensure that your lawn and garden is as intended – green and verdant.

Scientific Drainage Correction

The advantage of specializing in foundations and drainage correction means that we have honed our craft. The drainage technicians at Irving Foundation Repair are recognized as experts. Being an expert means that you don’t use guesswork to solve potentially complex problems like foundation and drainage repair. You can feel confident in our services because we apply science whenever conducting draining repair and correction. Our competitors may use limited experience to gauge how to properly gauge where and how to drain your property. We utilize a combination of science and 25 years of experience to formulate a viable drainage correction plan.

Drainage Collection Solutions

In Irving, our outdoor experiences are legendary. We are definitely a group of folk who enjoy backyard barbecues, cookouts and picnics. Irving residents are fortunate to live in a part of the country where backyards are prevalent and our kids can play outside unbothered. To maintain this lifestyle, drainage collection solutions are installed for your enjoyment. The drainage expert will discuss whether to use area drains or surface drains on your property. French drains and channel drains are another remedy for standing pools of water and mosquitos. Catch basins and grates are another viable solution for excess water surrounding your home.