Free Inspection


Determining whether you are in need of foundation repair can be quite tricky for a layperson. You may have noticed some abnormal occurrences but unless you are an expert, you will not know for sure. It is okay not to know. No one wants to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. At Irving Foundation Repair, we have spent over twenty-five years diagnosing and repairing concrete slabs. Call on a professional when you suspect that you may have a foundation issue. The initial inspection is free of charge and at your convenience.

No Pressure to Commit

We recognize that many people are weary of free inspections because of the pressure to commit. In most scenarios, the contractor or sales person will trump up the services required then use unfair sales tactics to get you to put up a down payment. Even if unscrupulous sales tactics are not employed, most decent folk will feel obligated because we’ve been socialized to treat people how we would like to be treated. At Irving Foundation repair, we can state with 100% clarity that if we conduct a complimentary inspection, you are in no way obligated to sign a contract with us. At least you will have peace of mind and be able to take next steps.

What you can Expect

Upon arrival, the first thing that we will want to see are the visible manifestations of foundation failure. There were abnormal occurrences that you noticed that made you want to contact a specialist. The chief contractor will request to see those things. We will check for internal temperature variations, look for cracks in the floor, ceiling and wall. She will check the doors and windows to see if they close properly. During the exterior inspection, flooding and any excessive accumulation of flooding in the yard and surrounding the foundation will be examined. The soil will be analyzed along with the structural capacity of your foundation.

Preventative Measures

There is a good chance that there is nothing wrong with your foundation. It’s smart to call on a professional to know for sure. At least you will have peace of mind. The chief contractor will recommend other service providers in the area if necessary. Our goal is to build and maintain long term relationships with you. To ensure that your foundation remains structurally sound, we will give you a list of preventative measures. With our health and our homes, preventing disease and failure is key. Once our bodies and homes are compromised more resources are required to remedy the problem.

Free Estimate

Included within the complimentary inspection is a free estimate. If it is determined that you indeed have an issue with your foundation, you will be given a viable plan of attack. This plan will be written and itemized for easy comprehension. There may be terms that you are unfamiliar with. The Chief contractor will take the time to go over each line item and ensure that you understand the seriousness of the matter. Foundation repair should never be taken lightly. The inevitable result of neglected repairs is the slow demise of your home. Once you receive your estimate feel free to speak with us about insurance coverage and financing options.