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Some of our customers have slab foundations. Slab foundations are most commonly used in non-flood areas. They are more popular with today’s real estate developers. Unfortunately, they can be challenging to repair. If you have a plumbing or utility issue under ground, drastic measures must be taken to remedy the situation. If you are in need of slab repair, contact Irving Foundation Repair. It’s a dirty job, but we are happy to do it. There are a variety of techniques that we employ to remedy foundation issues. Tunneling services are most often utilized when there is a plumbing issue underneath the slab. In these scenarios, we dig underneath the house in an effort to prevent damage to your home. This is the least invasive method to resolve the problem. Despite tunneling being extremely labor intensive it is surprisingly very affordable. In many cases foundation repair is covered by your home insurance.

You may be saying to yourself, “I think I may have an issue with my foundation but I’m not sure.” If you’re having these thoughts, you are not alone. A compromised foundation is not easy to detect. Fortunately, we offer free inspections. These inspections are designed to alleviate your fears. At the very least, you will have a viable plan to help you take next steps in securing the structural vitality of your abode. You are not obligated to purchase any products or services. Our goal is to establish and maintain a long term relationship with all of our customers. To schedule a complimentary inspection, contact us today.