House Leveling

You’ve achieved the American dream of home ownership. Owning your own home is something that many people can only dream of. Purchasing a home is the biggest investment that most people will ever make. House leveling is not only important for the structural value of your home but it helps to secure your investment. The unfortunate reality is that no matter how well constructed your home may be, it is still susceptible to foundation failure. The earth’s surface is constantly shifting. Any and everything that rests on top of it will be moved. If you find that your house is no longer level, contact Irving Foundation Repair for house leveling services.

What is House Leveling?

No one or nothing can escape gravity. Unless the soil was reinforced, the foundation that rests on top of it will eventually settle. The settling process isn’t always balanced. Balance is necessary in every aspect of life – your foundation is no different. Usually this imbalanced settling is not noticeable and has virtually no affect on the structure of your home. For those unusual cases where foundation settling is wildly unbalanced and the structural integrity of your home is seriously compromised, contact us. We will essentially jack up your house and install a solid level surface where necessary.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Termites are the nemesis to foundation beams. These tiny bugs don’t stop feeding until they die and then they are replaced by offspring which has already hatched and is fully formed. The earth is constantly shifting and anything that sits on top of it will be effected. We don’t receive many earthquakes in this part of the country but that doesn’t mean the earth’s surface isn’t moving along fault lines. Severe weather patterns also play a part in foundation damage. Irving receives 38 inches of rain annually. If the soil is dry and parched, flooding will occur. Flooding has a detrimental effect on foundations.

Block & Base versus Pier & Beam

What type of foundation do you have? If you have no clue, don’t feel bad because you’re in good company. In Irving, Texas, most folks have either a block & base or pier & beam foundation. These foundations are great because they allow service providers to access your plumbing and structural repairs. A block & base foundation is typically characterized by stacked cinder blocks. Flat wood bases are placed on top of each cinder block and subflooring is erected on top of the wood. Pier & beam foundations begin with concrete slabs. The slabs are typically reinforced with rebar. Usually, cylindrical concrete molds, known as piers are placed vertically on top of the slab. Wooden beams are laid across the piers.

Benefits of House Leveling

Knowing that your home is slanted is not a comforting feeling. When your house is level, you can breathe easy because you recognize that there won’t be more expensive repairs in the future. You may have been experiencing sticky doors and windows for quite some time. House leveling relieves uncooperative doors and windows. Perhaps you’re not ready to put your home on the market. When your family expands or you find yourself in an empty nest, you may decide to upgrade to a bigger home or downgrade to an assisted living facility. If that day comes, you can guarantee that you are more likely to receive your asking price if your home is level. Maintain the value of your home with professional house leveling.