Tunneling Services


It sounds odd doesn’t it? Like a service required for the Department of Transportation or a mining excavation company. Believe it or not, many homeowners require tunneling services. We dig a tunnel underneath your home so that a plumber or utility specialist can gain access to difficult to reach locations. If you have a leak underneath your slab what are you going to do? You have two options in this case. We can remove your carpet, hardwood flooring or tile, and then use a jackhammer to drill through your foundation. Hopefully the leak location has been correctly designated. If not, we may have to repeat the drilling process in multiple locations. Tunneling is a dirty and arduous job but at least your home is spared from destruction. Call for a free inspection.

What is Tunneling?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what in the heck is tunneling. It sounds very expensive and it sounds like your house will be destroyed in the process. On the contrary, tunneling is quite affordable. When you consider the labor involved along with the technical expertise required, tunneling services are reasonably priced. If you happen to have a plumbing, gas or electrical issue underneath your foundation, tunneling is the best option for you. We create an entry way on the side of your home. From the point, our tunneling experts continue to dig a tunnel underneath your home to access the designated service area. Once the area is clear, the plumber or utility specialist is able to remedy the existing problem.

Purpose of Tunneling

The purpose of tunneling is simple. It is a technique that is designed to keep your home in tact during the service process. Tunneling is the least obtrusive solution to a highly technical problem. In most cases, our customers have a plumbing leak. We received a call from a client who noticed that a certain section of the wall in his hallway was hot. Then he began to feel moisture permeating through the wall. A plumber confirmed that he had a leak, but the source of the leak was underneath the foundation. He would have been forced to cut a hole in the wall, remove the carpet and padding, then cut through the floor, subflooring plus concrete foundation. Tunneling saves you the trouble and expense of jackhammering and concrete cutting.

Tunneling versus Slab Cutting

There is a gas line running underneath your house. The city controls and maintains the gas line. This line has cracked and now your home is being flooded with deadly gas. The gas company representative tells you that they will cover the costs but you must vacate your home for a few days while the pipe is being replaced. They also mention that they will remove the tile in the kitchen, cut through the flooring and foundation to access the pipe. You mention that tunneling might be a better option. In this way they can access the pipe from outside, your tile is saved and you don’t have to worry about dirty and haphazard service men stomping all manner of mud through your home.

What to Expect

Tunneling is a process that most of our customers are not familiar with. To help you wrap your mind around the process, read through this description about what to expect. If the job requires that we dig a fifteen foot tunnel underneath your home, you can expect the digging portion to take about 8 hours. The more we have to dig, the longer the process will take. The actual plumbing or utility repair typically takes less than an hour. The biggest part of the job is accessing the designated service area. We will put down a tarp to prevent your lawn from getting destroyed. Our team will also pack and place the soil back into its rightful place. In some instances, an inspection and engineers report is required.